The Bankruptcy Process

Guidance from an Experienced Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer

Compared to most states, Texas is relatively debtor-friendly. Nevertheless, it is still a complex and intricate process to claim the proper exemptions and file the appropriate paperwork with the Trustee appointed to your case and with the bankruptcy court. Improper paperwork, missed deadlines, or other mistakes may cause your case to be dismissed. At Phillip H. Trueba, Attorney at Law, you are provided hands-on guidance through each step of the bankruptcy process in order to avoid such pitfalls of the unwary.

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Filing for Bankruptcy in Texas

If you have already reviewed your current financial situation and concluded that there is no way for you to get control of your finances, bankruptcy may be your best option at this time. Bankruptcy in Texas is guided by "Bankruptcy Local Rules."

The bankruptcy process typically involves the following:

  • The Means Test: The means test determines whether or not you are eligible to file Chapter 7. If not, you may file for Chapter 13. Our firm can help ensure accuracy on this test.
  • Filing a Petition for Bankruptcy: Choose the correct federal district to file for bankruptcy and the proper state or Federal exemptions to take to protect your assets from creditors. This would be based on where you have lived in for the longest period of time within the previous 180 days.
  • Submitting a Creditor List: Make a list of your creditors in alphabetical order and submit it.
  • Taking Inventory: Write a detailed list of your personal property, including the value and type of property. The firm can help you fill this out accurately.
  • Filing a Repayment Plan: Along with your petition, you will need to file an achievable repayment plan, if you're filing Chapter 13.
  • Paying Filing Fee: When the petition for bankruptcy is filed, you will need to pay a filing fee.
  • Completing Counseling Course: You are required to complete a state-approved credit counseling course before you file for bankruptcy. We can help you find an approved course.
  • Attending Creditor's Meeting and Confirmation hearing (in Chapter 13 cases): You will need to attend a meeting at the federal courthouse where creditors and a Trustee can ask you questions about your filed documents.

Attorney Phillip Trueba leads his clients through every step of the bankruptcy process, ensuring that each detail is accurate and that our client's needs are met.

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With over two decades of experience in consumer bankruptcy representation, Attorney Trueba has the practical knowledge and skill to guide clients through all types of financial dilemmas. Our goal as a firm is to make this process as painless and as simple as possible, giving you the leadership, direction, and information you need.

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